What are Hemorrhoids or Piles?

Hemorrhoids or Piles (also called Bavasir in Hindi) are swollen or inflamed veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum.

Causes of Piles/ Hemorrhoids:-

Some common factors are highlighted below causing Piles:-
  1. Chronic Constipation & straining
  2. Sitting for long periods of Time (especially in Toilets)
  3. Heavy Weight Lifting or too much exercising
  4. Obesity or weight gain
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Ageing (between 45-65 years)
  7. Weakening of supporting tissues/muscles of anus and rectum
  8. Chronic Diarrhoea
  9. Low Fibre diets or consuming spicy foods

This is common among men and women both. Adults having age more than 50 years are more likely to suffer from Piles/Hemorrhoids.

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Symptoms of Piles/Hemorrhoids:-

Symptoms of Piles completely depends on the type of Piles you are suffering from. Generally, symptoms are mentioned below:-

  1. Swelling in Anal Region
  2. Discomfort/ pain/ Soreness in Anal Region
  3. Itching and irritation
  4. Bleeding

If you any of the symptoms mentioned about, You must see to Doctor Immediately especially in case of swelling & Bleeding.

Types of Piles/Hemorrhoids:-

Two types of Piles/Hemorrhoids are recognized:-
  1. Internal Hemorrhoids: which form inside the lining of the anus or lower rectum and not visible outside unless become large
  2. External Hemorrhoids: which form under the skin around the anus and visible outside.

In case of external Hemorrhoids, it is advisable not to rub or strain the anus as it may worsen the conditions. In case of Internal Hemorrhoids, bleeding can be seen in stools and toilet paper while cleaning and is more painful. All the anal bleeding cannot be taken as Internal Piles/Hemorrhoids, It can be a sign of bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis or cancer in colon or rectum.

Diagnosis of Piles/Hemorrhoids:-

External Piles/Hemorrhoids can be analyzed through physical examination by checking swelling or tender lumps which are visible outside the anus whereas to analyze internal Piles/Hemorrhoids, two methods are adopted such as-

  1. Digital Rectal Examination
  2. Proctoscope

The doctor may ask about your medical history, symptoms you are having, eating habits, toilet habits, enema & Laxative use etc. An Anoscopy is used to diagnose anal & lower rectum signs with or without using anesthesia. Another procedure named Rigid proctosigmoidoscopy is also performed which includes colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Grades of Piles/Hemorrhoids:-

Grade I- Anal Cushion Bleed, Do not Prolapse

Grade II- Anal Cushion Prolapse, Reduce Spontaneously

Grade III- Anal Cushion Prolapse, Require Manual Replacement Into Anal Canal

Grade IV- Prolapse Stays Out All the times

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Treatments of Piles/Hemorrhoids:-

Piles/Hemorrhoids can be treated at home at the initial level, but if no effects can be seen, consulting with Doctor or miles surgeon is requisite.

1. Home Remedies:- To treat the Piles/Hemorrhoids at home, one needs to change the eating habits and lifestyle in the positive direction. Some of the home treatments of preventive methods are:-

  • Sitz bath using warm water
  • Analgesics
  • Topical Cream and Ointments
  • Life Style Modification such as
  • diets include eating foods with rich fiber, taking the stool softener, drinking water & nonalcoholic liquids to maintain the water level in the body.
  • Sitting habits such as not sitting in toilet for long hours, not straining during bowel movements
  • Oil & Ayurvedic Medicines

How to Prevent hemorrhoids at home- To prevent Piles/Hemorrhoids, one should use the above home remedies. One should try to involve in physical activities to keep the digestive system perfect and to reduce excess weight. Use the toilet at the times of need only, sitting for long hours may lead the stools to dry and may lead to Put more pressure.

2. Operative or Office Treatments:- Visiting doctor and taking treatment becomes necessary to have definitive cure the problems. The surgical or clinical treatments include:-

  • New Modalities:

    • Laser Treatments of Piles/Hemorrhoids: This is newly technique and widely used these days. It is used to treat Grade I - III type of Piles/Hemorrhoids. It is more helpful because of:-
      • Fast recovery
      • Quick and painless treatments of piles
      • Resume normal activities with 24 hours
      • No diet restrictions
      • No repeated Doctor visits
      • Can be done for all age groups
    • Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy: It is also named as Hemorrhoids stapling or MIPH. It is used to treat Grade IV type of Piles/Hemorrhoids to remove internal Hemorrhoids tissue & to pull prolapse Hemorrhoids back into anus by giving anesthesia. It also has the same benefits as laser treatments have.

  • Traditional Surgeries:

    • Open Hemorrhoidectomy: One of the traditional methods to cure hemorrhoids.
    • Plication, Rubber Band Ligation: It is used to treat the bleeding or prolapsing internal hemorrhoids by using the special rubber band. It helps to cut off the blood supply and the banded part will shrivel and falls off. Only an expert can perform the same effectively.
    • Sclerotherapy: Injection is used to form scar tissue and to cuts off the blood supply resulting shrinking hemorrhoid.

Infrared photocoagulation is also used through which heat is created by inferred light and which cuts off the blood supply and shrink hemorrhoid. In case of severe bleeding or pain, patients are always advisable to seek the doctor’s help.

What Should I do If I Have Hemorrhoids:-

Consult the doctor to have detailed diet chart. One should:-

  • Eat health foods rich in fiber as it will help to soften the stools
  • Drink water or liquids in form of juices, soups to maintain the water level and to regulate the digestive system
  • Be physically active
  • Consult the doctor as and when required

What Should I Avoid If I Have Hemorrhoids:-

Take preventive measure to treat or to cure the hemorrhoids. To control constipation, one should:-

  • Not eat the food with less or no fiber such cheese, chips, fast food, ice cream, meat.
  • Prepared Foods such as frozen and snack foods
  • Processed foods such hot dogs, microwavable dinners

Our Available Piles Treatment Across India:-

Always seek consultation through the piles experts in Gurgaon as they will help to prevent the hemorrhoids or piles at the initial level.

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