Gastric band Procedure is also called Lap band which is an effective technique of weight loss surgery. This is FDA approved in 2001 in the US to treat morbid obesity. It is was  commonly used in India to reduce obesity or excess weight.Now more doctors prefer sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass.

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How Lap Gastric Band Works

A Lab band is placed around the stomach directly below the esophagus. The small port is inserted into the skin and tube is attached with the band. Doctor make sure to tighten the band after the surgery. The band is filled with saline that compresses the band around the stomach area. Food then sits in this area giving the patients a feeling of full stomach. Food makes it process through the normal digestion system.

The lap band is typically adjusted a few weeks after the surgery. The gastric band will be filled with saline by the surgeon much time till balance of restrictions and ability to eat is achieved.

Complications from Gastric bands:

Some chronic or serious complications involved in Gastric Bands are:-
  1. Constipation: People may face short term or long term constipation which can be managed with the help of proper diet and medications.
  2. Difficulty Swallowing: One must not grab the food so quickly and one must take equal bites while eating. Change your eating habits to make it easily swallowed.
  3. Nausea & Vomiting:- It is one of the common complications which can be controlled with drinking plenty of water, fluids, eating small portions and following expert guidelines.
  4. Bowel or Stomach Perforations: This happens during the surgery and may be corrected by the surgeon by opening the band and increasing the size of the incision in order to close in a proper way. It can prove to be deadly if bowel or stomach is not treated well. 
  5. Food Trapping: Foods may get stuck in the pouch which may give the feeling of throat cutting or something got stuck in the throat. It happens with 2 % of cases. It may also result is bad breath and vomiting. Food trapping can be corrected by deflating the band.
  6. Band Issues:Erosion: It occurs with 2-9% of patients. This happens when Band rubs the stomach wall or esophagus by eroding the wall of stomach or band. In that case, bands may stop working and food flow may stop. This case may lead to making a new surgery to remove the band.
  7. Slippage: When the band slips down and the pouch of the stomach will get enlarged. It will lead to high food intake, weight gain, and vomiting. It also required re-operation to tighten the band or to remove it.
  8. Leak: If you are feeling a higher intake of food by the time, it may be due to the loosening of plastic of the band or leak. To diagnose the leak, Surgeon will inject a dye into your band area and X-ray will be performed to watch if the fluid is leaking. In case of leakage in Band, you will have to go for re-operation.
  9. Intolerance: People may feel disturbed and discomfort while having a foreign object inside the body. They may have the feeling of vomiting. This general discomfort will be treated by removing the gastric band only.

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