Hernia Treatments Techniques:

With having specialization in hernia treatments, we are able to perform every kind of surgical technique to cure a hernia . Patients are always advised to attend the counseling session and to undergo the diagnosis or tests recommended by the doctors to get best possible results. No single technique is assumed to be better.

Surgery may be Open or Laparoscopic. With the technical innovations and advancements of technologies, Laparoscopy Hernia Treatment is preferred these days and recommended by Dr. Vaibhav .

At our center choice of treatment is tailored to your needs

Both the techniques are better in their own ways -

Hernia Surgery:-

1. Open Hernia Surgery:- Which is known as the traditional way to treat the patients . Several techniques have been devised to treat hernia via Open surgery but Mesh Repair is considered to be the most standard.

  • Can be done under Spinal Anaesthesia/ Local anesthesia
  • Done when the patients are not fit for GA
  • Done when the patients are having reducible Hernia /obstructed Hernia

2. Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery:- It has some more benefits over the Open Hernia repair technique such as lower infection risk, long-term outcomes, shorter recovery time.

We at our centre do “3D Hernia Mesh Repair†using BARD mesh. It is popular because of the following features or advantages:-

It is Three Dimensional ,Anatomically Curved Shaped ,Sealed Edge Mesh

  • Day Care Surgery -patient is discharged the same day or within 24 hours
  • Minimally Invasive technique
  • Early Return to normal activities
  • No repeated visits to doctor or daily dressings
  • Relatively less painful as no big cuts
  • Anatomically curved mesh placement.
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Hernia Treatment is always successful if treated by the experienced and specialist professional. Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor is known as the Best Hernia Surgeon in Gurgaon and can be consulted after taking prior appointment online or through the call.

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